Finding Color Inspiration for Your Wedding

Choosing (and sticking to!) a color palette can be one of the toughest decisions a couple faces when wedding planning. With most planning done months in advance, it can be a challenge for a bride to envision spring flowers when she is drinking a gingerbread latte and arranging her boots for winter! Today I'm answering some color questions and providing three original sample mood boards that I hope will help you in your own color palette decision.

How do I choose a color palette for my wedding?

Use your senses, consider your surroundings, and trust your gut.

I am constantly searching in nature, art, interior design, and fashion for color and texture inspiration. Keep your eyes open and you never know what will pop out at you. A painting, a sunset, a sidewalk, even a new dress at your favorite store - start urging yourself to take notice of your surroundings. Keep track of your favorite things and compile them into a photo album.

Sometimes, I'll even let a bridesmaids dress or in-season flower help decide on a color palette. Maybe you are in love with a certain J. Crew dress but it only comes in five colors? Think about which one could work with your venue, season, and overall wedding ideas. 

Considering what colors would work best with your wedding venue decor and season is also key. Do you love red but your wedding will be on the beach in June? Sometimes the venue surroundings need to outweigh personal favorites, and that's okay. Looking at multiple factors will help narrow down your ideas and create a focused palette.

Finally, when I'm making design or styling choices, gut instinct always rules. Follow your feels and they'll guide you down the right path.

Consider mood.

When you and your guests walk into each event at your wedding (ceremony, cocktail hour, reception), of course you want to feel welcomed, but what else? Do you want to feel cozy, warm, and comfortable? Formal, proper, and traditional? Free-spirited, natural, and relaxed? Deciding on a mood and feeling to accompany your color palette will make your event even more cohesive.

How do I actually implement color and mood?

Create a simple mood board and stick to it. Key word: a simple mood board.

With six images or less, build a board that evokes your dream wedding colors, theme, and feeling. Keep a photo of the entire board handy so you can reference it anytime (like the Polly Pocket of Pinterest boards). If you're faced with a wedding decor decision, think, "Would I add a photo of this item to my board?" I often urge my clients to take a photo of a decor item or dress so they can put that photo next to their dream board to see if it fits.

Below I've compiled three examples of simple mood boards. I love all of these palettes for spring weddings because they are simple, organic, and natural.


Dusty Blue, Forest Green, and Cream

The perfect seaside wedding inspiration, this cool palette evokes a romantic coastal elegance. I love a touch of laid-back beach boho with the floral crowns and picnic on the sand.

Photo Credits: Slate tiles | Blue suit | Beach Lounge | Blue Cake | Invitation | Bridesmaids


Lilac, Fig, and Blueberry

Natural, romantic, and organic, these colors are ideal for the romantic outdoorsy bride. I see this wedding being held in a forest, woodsy location, or overgrown garden with fragrant herbs. 

Tip: I love drawing inspiration from paint colors or artwork and will frequently check out the paint section at Home Depot for color palette inspiration!

Photo Credits: Painting | Bridal Hair | Blueberry Cake | Bridesmaids Dresses | Place Setting | Invitation Suite


Gold, Greenery, and Natural

Pairing a metallic shade like gold with live greenery softens this palette and creates a unique juxtaposition worthy of the modern bride. I love using geometric details and lush greens in a modern vineyard setting or city location.

Photo Credits: Bride | Lounge | Bridesmaids | Cake | Invitation | Tablescape


Have an idea for a future blog post? Let me know! I'd love to hear from you :) 

xo, Elizabeth