Baltimore Waterfront Engagement Session | Kathryn & Arun

So here I am, posting these gorgeous photos by Nicki Metcalf Photography AFTER this wedding actually happened, but I just have to share these because I enjoyed working with Kathryn and Arun so much and am missing them already (and their wedding was three days ago). 

Not only is this couple strikingly gorgeous but they are also incredibly kind, down to earth, and wildly smart. I say this frequently as a wedding planner, but this is the kind of couple that makes my job incredible.

As my allergies got the best of me throughout our initial design meeting a few months ago, Arun (an ER doctor) was giving me tips and medicine recommendations to best combat my seasonal allergies. Kathryn, a nurse, was backing him up as they held hands and acted cute as can be. While we chatted about details, Kathryn's keen eye for style and aesthetic aligned with mine as we shared our mutual love of clean design, minimalism, and abundant florals.

Quick confession: it has taken me a lot longer than normal to write this post because I keep getting distracted by these beautiful photos from Nicki Metcalf Photography. Especially those grainy and emotive black and white images! Kat and Arun's wedding this past weekend at the Cloisters Castle in Baltimore was incredible and I can't wait to share those photos with you in an upcoming post! xo, Elizabeth