Minimal Boudoir Session with Michael and Carina Photography at the Elephant Restaurant | Baltimore, Maryland

In my previous post I shared a couple sneak peeks from our minimal boudoir editorial but now that it has been published on the Boudoir Collective here, I can share more! As I mentioned earlier, this shoot was such a fulfilling artistic project to work on in the wedding off-season; I always love collaborating with Michael and Carina Photography and especially loved working with our confident model, who was so comfortable in her own skin. 

With no other details aside from the styling cloth, ring, and embellished wall, we focused on the model herself and explored posing, blank space and photo composition, and a sensual yet empowered mood. For anyone considering boudoir photos or just a very simple shoot - I can't recommend it enough as I love seeing women looking so naturally gorgeous. In most editorials we turn so much focus to the details but for one time it was incredible to focus solely on female beauty. 

Photographers: Michael and Carina Photography | Creative Direction: East Made Event Company | Venue: The Elephant Restaurant | Hair & Makeup: Caitlyn Meyer | Ring: Trumpet & Horn | Styling Cloth: Frou Frou Chic