Sneak Peek: Minimalist Baltimore Boudoir Session with Michael and Carina Photography

Last fall I collaborated with my dear friends, Michael and Carina Photography, to style and creatively direct this minimal boudoir session at The Elephant Restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland, and recently learned that it will be published on Boudoir Collective in May!

As a wedding planner, this was a unique project for me and was actually the first boudoir session I have worked on. Experimenting with posing, working directly with positioning and coaching a model, and trading creative ideas about shots and photo composition with Michael and Carina is always so creatively fulfilling, and this particular shoot was perhaps even more so due to the lack of detail items and props involved. For this shoot, the details were in the venue walls and in the beautiful body of the model herself - quite the difference from your typical styled bridal editorial. 

I'll be sure to share more of these film photos next month! Can't wait to show you the rest. xo