Painting Lifestyle Anniversary Session with Allie Dattilio

Guys, I know. I am a month behind on blogging! All of these amazing weddings and shoots have come out and have even been published, and I have GOT to catch up by sharing some more insight on this poor, somewhat temporarily neglected blog. 

We've had just about as busy a spring season as our wedding season last fall, with eleven weddings so far this year and seven of those falling in May and June. But gosh, has it been fun! And beautiful, of course. 

One of our weddings (that I'm looking forward to sharing soon!) was with the bubbly and talented Nicki Metcalf Photography, with whom I also collaborated on a lifestyle anniversary session last December. Nicki approached me months before with the idea to do a painting shoot, which I loved. Artists always inspire me, and I love watching them create and work, so I started searching for actual Maryland-based painters, rather than hiring models as "painters." 

Luckily for us, I quickly found Allie Dattilio and Amaryllis Truth Studio on Instagram, and immediately reached out. Allie is a landscape painter and uses gold leaf in many of her works - amazing. Her paintings are moody and dramatic, and she works out of a light-filled studio in Hagerstown, Maryland. She and her husband are also an absolutely stunning couple, and evoke that perfectly relaxed vibe we were searching for. 

Keeping things simple, we had Allie's hair stylist, Brandon DaSilva with Jagger James Salon, style her gorgeous blonde hair, and her sister-in-law Erica Dattilio do her minimal, natural makeup. 

I'm proud to say that this was my first styled lifestyle shoot, and I loved how it turned out. The photos were featured on Wedding Sparrow last month!