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We specialize in creating warm, elegant atmospheres at iconic and historic  wedding venues along the East Coast and beyond. From rooftops to museums to French Châteaux, experience the magic of our favorite moments.

Seriously, I cannot thank you enough and I am so happy with how things turned out for our wedding. We had no major hiccups and that is completely due to your efforts. My parents were thrilled with East Made too; they can't stop talking about you.

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the east made experience

- alissa, bride

our favorite real wedding moments:

After a decade in weddings, we're huge fans of thoughtful lighting design. Nothing creates that effortless vibe and ambiance quite like candles upon candles (and some other subtle tricks we can show you, too).

When you decide to go for all those candles.

The most memorable moments can be different for everyone--the first look, the processional, the room reveal, a moving toast. Trust us to manage the flow of events while you enjoy living them.

When you allow yourself to fully feel every moment of the day.

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No matter what happens, we want you to have FUN on your wedding day. No more stuffy museums or stiff upper lips; with our team at the helm, you'll feel absolutely carefree--even through the gloriously unplanned. 

When you fully embrace something that goes rogue.

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